About The Little Yorkshire Wood Company

About The Little Yorkshire Wood Company

Here at The Little Yorkshire Wood Company we create a range of rustic and contemporary products from reclaimed and sustainable wood. We mainly work in Oak, Pine and European Whitewood. Whenever possible we use unwanted wood destined for landfill, match it to our products and create beautiful pieces for our Customers homes.

So, who are we?

That’s an easy answer. There’s me, Damian, I’m 100% involved in the business. I design, make and despatch all the products. The Mrs helps with the marketing aspects outside of her full-time job. Our eldest has been advising where we have gone wrong on social media and the youngest provides us with his very valued feedback. Then finally our dog Artemis who we have been (at the time of writing) unsuccessful at including in any of our photography. We will keep trying!

Why setup our own company?

I worked in the Chemical Industry, in Finance and Management roles for over 23 years. I was made redundant when the manufacturing business I managed closed in late 2021. The plan leading up to the leaving date was to look for similar roles and carry on as normal.

I hated the idea.

During lockdown we wanted a new patio table. We looked online but didn’t see anything that grabbed our attention. So, I decided to make one. It’s a beast of a table. Made from extra thick and wide railway sleepers. I also made two matching benches. It now sits proudly on our patio and has had some use from BBQ’s and parties. It’s also served as a good workbench when I have been doing DIY around the house and garden.

Anyway, back to the company. One evening talking about the next step it was clear that I did not want to go back into a similar career. Out of the blue my wife said “start your own wood company”. It took less than a second for me to think what a brilliant idea.

I did a wood working course so don’t worry I’m not a complete novice! Then the research & journey started……..

Where are we now?

We have a small industrial unit which acts as the main workshop. At home we have a small office dedicated to the business. We needed a website. I’d need to learn how to build one. So, I did.(update to blog.. had to build another one)

Next on the list was to try and build the all-important social media presence. This we are trying to do but have to admit it has been challenging and it makes us feel like dinosaurs but people have been very kind giving us pointers.

The first month(s) were quiet and I was anxious whether this was going to work. We slowly but surely started to see traffic coming our way and orders started to happen.

What’s the plan for the future?

I’ll keep creating new products so please continue to visit the site and I’m happy to accept requests for bespoke orders. Our dream is to make quality products for our Customers, I am genuinely really proud and pleased when I receive an email saying someone is delighted with an item I’ve made. Just me…. all by myself.

No plans for world domination just to have pride in our business and have a steady work-life balance and pay the bills.

If you’ve made it this far thank you for reading and if you’ve made a purchase even better. Thank you so much for supporting The Little Yorkshire Wood Company and I sincerely hope you enjoy your own little part of Yorkshire wherever you may be.

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